Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 8:31 AM
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Isn't it amazing that the prophet Micah, who lived more than 700 years before Christ, predicted where the Messiah would be born, in Bethlehem?

And isn't it amazing that 700 years later, Mary and Joseph were required by the Roman authorities to go to Bethlehem to register for a census at the very time that Mary was due to give birth?

One of the many lessons God teaches us through the great event of Christmas is the power of his Providence.

He guides the course of history, wisely and gently, but powerfully and securely, without violating human freedom.

God is at work in the world, slowly setting things right.

God was present in a stable-cave at Bethlehem, an obscure little town far away from the headlines of ancient times.

And he is present and active in all the little Bethlehems of the world today: in your heart and mine, in our homes and families, in our hospitals and on our battlefields.

The Good Shepherd is there, gently guiding the course of history, leading his children to the green pastures of true wisdom, lasting joy, and eternal life.

Knowing this brings interior peace, even amidst the exterior storms.

Each one of us has experienced God’s action in our lives in some special way, in a Bethlehem-like way, at least once: Maybe through a truly uncanny coincidence, or through an answered prayer, or through the providential intervention of a friend or loved one.


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