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11/06/16 Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Fr. Damian

Last Tuesday, November 1, we celebrated All Saints Feast. We prayed in thanksgiving for the Church’s approximately 13,000 canonized saints. Last Wednesday, November 2 we celebrated the Feast of All Souls. We prayed for the countless souls who were never canonized, but who we trust are with Our Lord in heaven.


In today’s Gospel, some Sadducees came to Jesus and wanted to argue with him about the resurrection of the dead. Sadducees were religious leaders in the time of Jesus, but they didn't believe in the resurrection; that is, they didn't believe that people go to Heaven after they die. They just believed that people die and that's the end of them. Do we still have people who believe that today? Yes, there are still lots of people around who don't believe what the Bible teaches us about this and a lot of other things. We don't call them Sadducees today. We just call them unbelievers.


Now, what about us? What do you believe happens to people after they die? Are they gone forever or are they in heaven? Yes, our church teaches and we know that it's true, that death is not the end for us. After we die, we will be in Heaven with God forever! Now, how do we know this is true?

How can we be absolutely sure that we will go to Heaven when we die?


Yes, this Bible tells us that this is true and the Bible is God's own word! We can certainly trust what it says in there, can't we?

Now, does the Bible say that everyone will go to Heaven or just some people? Not everybody will go to Heaven. Only those who believe in Jesus and his mercy will go to Heaven. Those Sadducees who argued with Jesus and refused to believe in him will not go to Heaven. All those people today who refuse to believe in him will not go to Heaven either. But, all of you will go to Heaven because you believe in Jesus and God’s mercy. Isn't that good news?


Dearest Jesus, our Friend and Savior: We believe that you did all that was necessary for us to go to Heaven. We thank you for making us your people and promising us that we will be with you forever. Amen.


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